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SUNDAYS 9:00 AM, Sunday School
SUNDAYS 9:45 AM, Prayer & Meditation
SUNDAYS 10:00 AM, Morning Worship
DOMINGOS 4:00 PM, Proposito
TUESDAYS 7:00 PM, Midweek Bible Study
FRIDAYS 6:00 PM, Prayer Meeting

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From the course Grow Up, Christian!
LESSON 0.9: Eternal judgment
LESSON 0.8: Resurrection of the dead
LESSON 0.7: Laying on of hands
LESSON 0.6: Doctrine of baptisms
LESSON 0.5: Faith toward God
LESSON 0.4: Repentance from dead works
LESSON 0.3: Elementary principles and perfection
LESSON 0.2: Milk or solid food?
LESSON 0.1: Where do I stand?


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